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Terms and Conditions

Below is an outline of our standard terms and conditions. Please take time to read through thoroughly and ensure you understand these terms and conditions before you commence a project with Pyramid Creative.

All work is carried out by Pyramid Creative on the understanding that the client has agreed to Pyramid Creative terms and conditions.

Please note terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of the client to periodically review terms and conditions.


Pyramid Creative, We: Pyramid Creative – Graphic & Web Design. Client, You, Your: The person or entity requesting the services of Pyramid Creative. Project: Refers to anything that is created by Pyramid Creative. Including, but not limited to, graphic design, website design, photography, video and programming.

Full ownership and copyright is assigned to client only once full payment is cleared in full.

If a choice of design is presented, only one solution is deemed to be given by Pyramid Creative as fulfilling the contract. All other designs remain the property of Pyramid Creative, unless agreed in writing that this arrangement has been changed.


Before a project quotation can be given, Pyramid Creative requires a full project brief to be supplied by the client. Please see the form on our website. If the brief varies greatly as the project evolves this may result in a change in estimated cost and timeframe parameters.


At the time of project proposal, Pyramid Creative will provide the client with a written estimate or quotation.

We base all cost estimates on an hourly rate taken to complete a project. If a project takes less time to complete than the estimated timeframe we invoice less accordingly. If a project is going to take far greater time than initially estimated, we will inform you and detail the reasons why this time increase may occur. We will then revise the costings to be satisfactory to both parties.

Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

If the quote is not accepted via an email confirmation within the 30 days, and project deposit not paid (see Payment Terms), then a new quote must be obtained. Fees may change due to material costs or Pyramid Creative fee alterations.

Should the client make any variations or additions to the design brief after receiving the quotation, or during project development, then a new quote must be obtained.

All prices quoted are estimates only. Quotations are based upon projected working hours and costs of materials at the time of quotation and are subject to amendment to meet any rise or fall in such rates/costs.

Work required at short notice and after office hours may incur extra charges.

Commencement of work

The client agrees to provide written approval or emailed approval of a quote or estimate before any work is commenced. The placement of an order for design and/or any other services offered by Pyramid Creative and validated by the written or emailed approval on the estimate or quotation, constitutes acceptance of the estimate or quotation and agreement to comply fully with all the Terms and Conditions and forms a Contract for Business between the signatory and Pyramid Creative.


We invoice for design work on a fortnightly basis. All payment terms are strictly 7 days from date of invoice.

If a project is not completed in the billing cycle we will normally invoice part payment for the work completed to date.

For larger projects with a design estimate of $2,000 AUD or more the full project cost is split into three payments of 50% deposit, 25% milestone payment and 25% final payment.

Accounts which remain outstanding for 30 days after the date of invoice, will incur an extra charge of 2% per month of the outstanding amount.

No claim against invoices are accepted after 14 days.

All print orders over $250 will require payment to be made prior to despatch or pick up of your order. Orders will not be sent until payment is received.

Supply of content

If your company has a Style Guide, regardless of how simple or complex it may be, then it is imperative that we receive this information at the beginning of the project in order to help us maintain the continuity of YOUR brand. If this information (or similar) is supplied after work has begun then penalty fees may apply for any work needing to be re-created or edited.

All written content MUST be supplied in electronic format (Word document, email, or similar). You will be solely responsible for the content of your project. Pyramid Creative Agency is not responsible for proofreading any content.

All supporting visual material such as logos and images should be emailed to Pyramid Creative if possible. If file sizes are too large then we can accept a CD or DVD delivered to our address. (see company address at top of page).

Approval of final content

The client to proof read and approve all final copy before the production of artwork. The email verification of the clients or representative shall be conclusive as to the approval of all artwork prior to their release for printing, implementation or installation. While Pyramid Creative takes all care to avoid errors, Pyramid Creative accepts no responsibility for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information on any project approved by a client. No refunds or reprints are given after a final approved design has gone to print due to oversights by the client’s proof reading.

Design project completion

Pyramid Creative considers the design project complete upon receipt of the customer’s written or emailed approval. Other services such as printing, display panel production, filmwork, website uploading, publishing etc either contracted on the clients behalf constitute a separate project and can be treated as a separate charge.

Project timelines/deadlines

Pyramid Creative endeavours to respect all project timelines discussed with the client. However, all timelines provided by Pyramid Creative are estimated on a pre-determined length of time that Pyramid Creative considers realistic for the completion of said project without any unforeseen problems. The timeline is an estimation and not a 100% guarantee that the project will be complete by that date.

All project content is required before the project start date. If the client does not provide ALL content before this date then all timelines discussed are void.

If a client requests changes or additions outside of the original brief during project development then all timelines discussed are void.

Clients should be aware that providing content one day late does not simply add one day to the timeline. Pyramid Creative will begin the next project in line where ALL content has been provided and the original project will be placed further down the queue.

Pyramid Creative will not be liable for costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to the failure to meet agreed deadlines.

Print design

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure all information is correct before going to print. A proof will be provided for final approval. If errors are found after printing, the client is still liable for payment.

Pyramid Creative uses the services of a 3rd party company for printing. The 3rd party may change from project to project. Pyramid Creative is under no obligation to divulge the identity of the 3rd party printer.

The client is welcome to source their own printer but is then responsible for forwarding all printing specifications to Pyramid Creative BEFORE the design of the project commences.

Print colour may vary from print run to print run and/or from job to job or from front to back. It will almost definitely vary slightly between different print stock depending on the absorbency of the paper, the differences between matte and gloss and other factors.

Colours will definitely vary from screen to print. Unless a specific colour code is provided Pyramid Creative will endeavour to match the colour from screen to print to the best of our ability.

Pyramid Creative Agency take no responsibility for errors or colour matching based on materials from 3rd party design agencies.

Pyramid Creative Agency and its clients agree to comply with Printers terms and conditions which include disclaimers for non-completion on time.

Website design

Once web design is complete, Pyramid Creative will provide the client with the opportunity to review the work. Pyramid Creative will make one set of minor changes at no extra cost within 14 days of the start of the review period. Minor changes include small textual changes and small adjustments to placement of items on the page. It does not include changes to images, colour schemes or any navigation features. Any minor changes can be notified to Pyramid Creative by e-mail.

Pyramid Creative will consider that the client has accepted the original draft, if no notification of changes is received in writing from the customer, within 14 days of the start of the review period.

We will not test websites in old or abandoned browsers or mobile operating systems, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 5.5 for Windows or Mac, previous versions of Apple’s Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Opera unless otherwise specified. If you need to show the same or similar visual design to visitors using these older browsers, we will charge you at the daily rate set out in our original estimate for any necessary additional code and its testing.

Hosting websites

Pyramid Creative offers a third party web hosting service. Pyramid Creative does not guarantee continuous service and will accept no liability for loss of service, whatever the cause. Pyramid Creative may request that clients change the type of hosting account used if that account is deemed by Pyramid Creative to be unacceptable because of poor service, lack of bandwidth or in any other way insufficient to support the website. Fees due to the hosting organisation are the responsibility of the client and Pyramid Creative are not liable for their payment.

Pyramid Creative does not offer free technical support for web site hosting, HTML email or other services relating to web site hosting.

WordPress and other CMS

Pyramid Creative offers configuration services for the software used to build your site. The client must accept the GPL licence that comes with the CMS software and, specifically, that it comes with no warranties of any kind.

We, of course, have a responsibility to make your website as secure as possible, within the limits of the platform used, e.g. changing admin account usernames, strong passwords, latest versions of software and plugins, secure directory permissions, not using untrusted third party components etc. Those are configuration requirements.

We will install the latest version of WordPress and any theme used but please note that we do not give support or any questions related on how to install and maintain wordpress. For any faults that may cause your website or theme malfunction you should refer to wordpress or your theme support forum. Alternatively you can get help from your web hosting. We’ll be happy to help but charges will apply unless a Support Agreement in place.

Maintenance and Security

Unless covered under a Support Agreement, maintenance and security of your website is the responsibility of the website owner/administrator. Maintenance and security that should be carried out regularly include but is not limited to:

Keeping your version of WordPress or other CMS up to date and all extensions up to date. From time to time updates to software are released to keep ahead of hackers, to keep up with changes that may be made to other applications such as Facebook or to add functionality. You should check your website at least once a month to make sure it has the latest software.

Backing up your website. We backup our servers but this doesn’t guarantee that your website is correctly backed up and restorable. For example we overwrite the previous backup each time so if your website was hacked 3 days ago, and your only notice it today, chances are a hacked copy of your website will be included in the backup. We install backup on every site we build to make backing up your site easy.

Keeping the content on your website up to date. Unless covered under a Support Agreement, content management is up to the website owner/administrator.

We take preventative measures in providing security for your website depending on the CMS but there is no way of guaranteeing your website won’t get hacked (if the Government still gets hacked, chances are you may too). If you keep regular backups of your site and keep your WordPress plugins or other CMS extensions up to date, then you will significantly reduce the risk of getting hacked and if you do, having a recent backup will make it easier for us to restore your site. Restoring a hacked website does come under our Additional Support, so please ensure you keep your site backed up and up to date.

After the site goes live if there is no maintenance agreement in place and a site gets hacked because it isn’t using current versions of all components, then Pyramid Creative takes no responsibility.

Domain Registration

Pyramid Creative cannot guarantee the availability of any domain name. Where Pyramid Creative Agency is to register a domain name on behalf of a client it will endeavour to do so but the client should not assume a successful registration.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Due to the infinite number of considerations that search engines use when determining a site’s ranking, Pyramid Creative cannot guarantee any particular placement. Acceptance by any search engine cannot be guaranteed and when a site is accepted, the time it takes to appear in search results varies from one search engine to another. Rankings will also vary as new sites are added. Your website will be generated with the basic level of SEO by submission to Google, using meta-tags for descriptions, keywords and generating links to and from reputable associated sites.

Design credits

The client agrees to allow Pyramid Creative to place a small credit on printed material, exhibition displays, advertisements and/or a link to Pyramid Creative Agency website on the client’s website. This will usually be a small logo or line of text placed near the bottom of the page.

The client also agrees to allow Pyramid Creative to place websites and other designs, along with a link to the client’s site on Pyramid Creative Agency website for demonstration purposes and to use any designs in its own publicity.

HTML Emails

Email code renders differently on different operating systems, different devices and in different email clients – Consequently the fold will move around for different recipients (it’s typically 400-700px), and the real estate that a paragraph of body copy takes up will vary due to differences in line height and font size rendering. So it’s worth thinking about using the email as a teaser and putting your main/large content on a landing page.

HTML emails don’t work the same as websites. HTML emails are viewed through various different email programs that blocks certain type of code such as CSS, JavaScripts and even fonts and images. There are also typeface limitations – its best to stick with the basic, cross-platform fonts. A (really) small number of email clients support the use of web fonts provided through Google Web Fonts. Some email programs have their images switched off by default which means your recipients only see few empty boxes with a small red cross to indicate a missing image. This leads to your recipients unsubscribing or deleting your email immediately. Spam filters tend to block this type of emails as well. Do not assume all recipients have exactly the same computer with exactly the same email program as your own. We make sure your email is optimised to display properly across different screen sizes, resolution and preview panes but cannot guarantee perfect viewing in old or abandoned email systems.

Technical Support

Pyramid Creative does not offer any ongoing technical support beyond the design and development of your website, HTML email or any digital media. If you do require help with anything beyond the design and development, we’ll be happy to help and will charge you the hourly rate.

Once the project has been released (72 hours after confirmation email that all functions are working properly and client is satisfied) the site will be up to you to maintain including either hiring us for technical help or seeking out your own maintenance vendor for the site. If client does not get back to Pyramid Creative within one week to confirm any outstanding issues, we reserve the right to close the project and consider it complete. All technical issues within that week must be submitted in writing.

All repairs and technical help will be the responsibility of the client. Because we develop the design of the website does not mean we have the ability to be the vendor on the technical side.


Cancellation of orders may be made initially by telephone contact, or e-mail, however, following this, Pyramid Creative will need formal notification in writing to the company’s postal address. The client will then be invoiced for all work completed over and above the non-refundable deposit that will have been made at the time of first ordering. The balance of monies due must be paid within 30 days. Please note: any cancellation which is not formally confirmed in writing and received by Pyramid Creative within 14 days of such instruction being issued, will be liable for the full quoted cost of the project.


Pyramid Creative shall not at any time either during the continuance of the work outlined or thereafter, except in the course of their duties, divulge any of the confidential affairs of the client or any of its clients or associated companies to anyone whatsoever without the previous consent in writing of the client.


Pyramid Creative makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, for any and all products and/or services that it supplies. Pyramid Creative will not be held responsible for any and all damages resulting from products and/or services it supplies. Pyramid Creative is not responsible for any loss, or consequential loss of data, or non-delivery of products or services, of whatever cause. While we take reasonable steps to investigate the materials we recommend, we accept no responsibility for the performance or quality of materials or any consequential loss arising from their failure. The customer agrees not to hold Pyramid Creative responsible for any such loss or damage. Any claim against Pyramid Creative shall be limited to the relevant fee(s) paid by the customer.

Pyramid Creative reserves the right to use the services of sub-contractors, agents and suppliers and any work, content, services and usage is bound by their Terms and Conditions. Pyramid Creative will not knowingly perform any actions to contravene these and the client also agrees to be so bound.

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